Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I Despised false eyelashes....

For my first post, I decided to talk about false eyelashes and show you my growing collection of these wispy accessories for the eyes.

I hated them, no, I despised them. I was terrible at applying them. One time it took me at least 45 minutes just to apply one freakin' lash. I messed up so many times and messed up my eye look. I got so frustrated.
Finally, I got it on my lash line, but it would feel uncomfortable or start lifting at the edges, crap balls. Whatever, I got it on, right? I refused to quit. I bought more lashes to practice applying on my eyes. I searched youtube for tips and tricks on how to apply them. ARGH, must practice!!!! There was a point where I thought, "Damn, I'm terrible. Screw this!", so I started using individual falsies. :: Hallelujah :: These things were easy to apply and added enough drama to my sparse lashes.

But wait, then I decided to give the full strip lashes another go. Okay, fine. :: Places lashes on eyes :: Lord, I did it. I can finally apply them correctly on my eyes without messing up my makeup! Yes. After that, I had a new found appreciation towards lashes. They spice up any look you have on and can make anyone look superstar worthy. Yes, girl! Wooorkk!

So, without further adue, I shall show you the lashes I currently have with me (I have more stored up in Buffalo, haha)

As you can see, I got two pairs of Ardell's, eight pairs of Darkness, and a pair of ModLash, but I definitely have more upstate. I plan on buying some more ridiculous ones to try out, like feather lashes. I currently use this lash glue by Darkness, which is similar to the Revlon one in the tube.

That's all everyone! That's the little story about my experience with false eyelashes. Feel free to share your stories in the comments!

Kit Kat

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